Tips for Choosing Car Rims

For those of you automotive enthusiasts who want to modify your car, especially the car wheels, auto article can serve as a reference in choosing the right wheels. The appearance of a car is strongly influenced by the size of the used car wheel.

But we should be careful in choosing a car wheel, do not let the wrong choice, both in terms of the model, size and comfort. Here is a suggestion from some auto repair shop on how to choose the right car wheels:

First, Choose the wheel size that fits your car. Do not choose a car wheel size is too big because it will give the impression of too forced, by using a large size car alloy wheels, automatic high car becomes increased. Should adjust its size to standard setting the limits of the manufacturer, because this affects when you drove at high speed.

But if you still want to use a car wheel rather big, you can outsmart by making cars more flat by cutting threads on a per car. it could also use coilofer type shock absorber, shock absorber can be adjusted to high or low.

Use the car wheels that have the capacity according to the weight of the car, because the capacity of each wheel is different, there is a possibility that you attach wheels capacity is smaller than the weight of your car, so the fear is that if at any time wheels can not support the weight of the car, the wheels broke in the middle of the road when driven. Of course it is very dangerous to safety.

So a few automotive information that can help you in choosing your car alloy wheels.

VVT-i or VTEC pa difference does it make????

tuned_honda_engineIn Indonesia, many new cars use engines with propulsion system valves, VVT-i, VTEC, valvetronik or VANOS. Toyota generally named engine VVT-I. While Honda VTEC named. VVT-i system VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing – intelligent) is a series of devices to control the camshaft drive. The point is to adjust the valve opening time with the condition of the engine. So that optimum torque can be obtained at each speed level. While saving fuel and reducing emissions. At Toyota engine, this system was applied to the intake valve. The exposure time can be varied over a range of camshaft 60 degrees. For example, at the start, a cold engine and stationary engine without load, timing pushed back 30 degrees. This method will eliminate the overlap. It events in and exhaust valves open simultaneously at the end of the disposal step for the new intake valve will open some time after the exhaust valve closes fully. Logically, in this condition the machine does not need to go the extra mile. With the closing of the exhaust valve, no fuel is wasted when sucked into the combustion chamber. So frugal fuel consumption and better engine friendly environment. Being when there is no load, the timing will be advanced 30 degrees. Degree of overlapping will increase. The goal is to help push the exhaust plus the fuel mixture and heat the incoming air. In addition, the compression time is also increased because the intake valve closing is also much faster. The effect, so better volumetric efficiency. To make it happen, no VVT-i controller on the timing on the intake camshaft gear. The tool consists of housing (home), then in which there is room to move the vane oil (the propeller). The propeller is connected to the camshaft. Inside are two oil lines to the oil each space in the house VVT-i controller. Different from the oil line is, vane will set the valve opening time. Advanced timing advance position gained by filling oil into the space behind each blade vane. So that the vane will move forward and position too advanced timing 30 degrees. Own the oil pressure supplied by the camshaft timing oil Control Valve regulated by the engine ECU. Conversely, for the conditions retard (backwards), the space in front of the vane and the position will be filled retreat timing. Meanwhile, if required in standard conditions, there was pin that will lock the vane position still there in the middle. Actually there are more sophisticated system, called VVTL-i (Variable Valve Timing Lift-Intelligent). In addition to playing a valve opening time, distinguished too high. Advanced technology VTEC Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Controlled (VTEC) Honda innovation results showing different mechanisms. The main difference is the inclusion of valve movement. In the 16 valve engine, there are two each intake valve and exhaust in each cylinder. VTEC is applied only on the intake valve. At this valve controlling engine efficiency is more influential. The assumption, the process does not require the opening of the exhaust valve because the current variable exhaust, engine work will be more lightly. At VTEC engine, both intake valves do not always move together. For example, at low speed there is only one valve is open. Opening was relatively small because the characters are punched camshaft valve is suitable for low speed. This condition is considered fit for the machine. Due to the low speed does not need a lot of air supply. In addition, there could be air turbulence to help mix the fuel. Machine so economical, efficient, environmentally friendly as well. As the engine speed increased, the need for air supply is also increasing. Immediately answered with a second valve. Larger opening for not chamshaft has character degrees higher. Fun, first valve had come open wider. This is due to the pins that connect the rocker arm and the push pin. Automatic locking pin will last two rocker arm. Because these two rocker arm actuated by a camshaft duration not higher, so follow the movement of the first valve. In addition there is also VTEC i-VTEC (intelligent VTEC) which also features a mechanism to advance and rewind the ignition. Of maximize results to improve the efficiency of the machine.

Opel Cars Official So Disneyland Paris

897_p1_s_1American car manufacturer, Opel, which is under the auspices of the General Motors (GM), has signed a cooperation agreement with Disneyland, at least in the city of Paris, France. With this agreement, Opel will be the official brand of the cars which used Disneyland Paris over the next 2 years, including in advertisements Disneyland Paris. Obviously, this is an excellent promotional media for Opel, considering there are at least 15 million vehicles in and out of Disneyland Paris each year.

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Jeep Wrangler Reaches Production 1 Million Unit

3316_p1_s_9Jeep Wrangler is one of the world’s legendary car. This car has been known since World War II past. And until now the car is still manufactured and has many fans around the world. Wrangler generation now being sold have another name JK.

Jeep Wrangler JK was released in 2007. This tough SUV jugular success around the world, including Indonesia. And recently Chrysler Group announced through its official Facebook account that this car has been produced as many as 1 million units. In order to commemorate the production of the 1 million-unit, on Friday (17/5) at the JK Wrangler factory in Toledo, Ohio, held a special event.

Last generation Jeep Wrangler is offered in a variety of body types and machines. The car will continue to be produced until the next generation was introduced in 2015. Possibility will display the latest Wrangler will not be much different from the current generation.

Maserati GranCabrio Started Early Debut in Geneva

382_p1_s_1The biggest changes are on the GranCabrio Sport 4.7-liter V8 engine which is now set at number 444 bhp and 510 Nm of torque, an increase of 10 bhp and 20 Nm from the standard GranCabrio engine speed. The maximum speed of the GranCabrio reaches 285 km / h. In addition, Maserati asserted, “Maserati’s Friction Reduction Program” to help reduce fuel consumption as much as 6 percent.

GranCabrio Sport uses a six-speed ZF automatic gearbox with MC Auto Shift is the same as the type Quattroporte Sport GTS, Skyhook active suspension system which has been modified, and dual-cast brake discs are grooved.

From the exterior, the Maserati GranCabrio Sport featuring a new black grille, front splitter, the side skirts and the Maserati Trident logo with red accents. Smoked headlights are now available in shades of white and Maserati GranCabrio Sport offers a new color called Rosso Trionfale or Tiumphant Red.

Inauguration of Volkswagen NUVOLKS Community Chapter Bandung

3338_p1_s_1As a European brand that continues to grow and favored by the people of Indonesia, Indonesian Volkswagen understands the true meaning of a community that has many years to grow a sense of love for the Volkswagen brand. The dedication ceremony was held in Bandung Volkswagen dealer. The inaugural ceremony and inauguration of course show the existence and the commencement of work and time Nuvolks Chapter Bandung.

Nuvolks Chapter Bandung has actually been around since 2012. Now with 30 members, on Saturday, June 1, 2013 officially established yesterday, which is counted as the 2nd Chapter. Holding lubricating oil Castrol has been the partner Volkswgen, this activity starts with touring from Jakarta to Bandung, followed by 69 cars of VW favorite type, such as Golf, Scirocco and Tiguan. Group of 69 scirocco also lead the way this car.

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All New Chevrolet Spin Launched in Indonesia

Long waiting potential customers All new Chevrolet Spin finally over. Today, 25 April 2013, the latest MPV vehicles from the Chevrolet officially rolled in Indonesia.

3208_p1_s_1This info delivered directly the General Motros Indonesia as sole agent brand Chevrolet on the sidelines of the launch of their newest slogan Find New Roads in Gallery Kunstkring, Menteng, Central Jakarta, 24 April 2013.

Launch of All New Chevrolet Spin is performed together with the latest Chevrolet slogan. “The slogan for Find New Roads will be a global quality assurance that has been prepared Chevrolet for consumers in Indonesia. Vision Our mission is currently integrated in the best quality Chevrolet products.” Yuniadi said Haksono Hartono, Director of Marketing at General Motors Indonesia.

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New Features In Ford Focus, The Steady Handling

447_p1_s_1Controlling torque control is a part of the vehicle stability system Focus, and Ford says the system increases the optimal control of the car. “The new Focus is the first Ford production vehicles in North America are equipped with torque vectoring control system,” said Rick Bolt, program manager Ford Focus. “technological features are also applied to the premium sport sedan, but in Ford’s technology was used as standard on the new Focus.” he added.

Its mechanism of action, the system will perform light braking if the car loses traction while cornering sharply. Thus, prevent slippage because of the fact that the wheels will be slightly off the mark, while the same number of rotations as the outside wheel.

This system is similar to the system of limited slip differential (LSD), with no brake pad wear, and maintenance sitem cheaper than using mechanical differential, in addition to further ensure the safety for the driver. “Devices that increase the ability of the dynamic all Focus models, ranging from the type of series S to Titanium Sport Package hatchback,” said Bolt.