Tips to open a motorcycle repair business for beginners

images (1)Given the motorcycle sales increasing, then attempt to open a bike shop, store spare parts and motorcycle accessories shop, could be one option for investing.

1. The first stage to be aware of is LOCATION, MARKET & COMPETITORS.

In general, the location to open any type of business is very important and must be considered, as well as efforts to open a bike shop.
Good location typically within the range of market areas (approximately 1km radius) there are a lot of motorcycles, such as human settlements, housing, offices, factories, centers, etc..

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Sold Out, Toyota Etios Taxi Made in Brazil

Toyota-Etios-Taxi-630x305In Brazil and Latin America, Toyota Etios Sedan and Hatchback Experiencing poor sales. But not because of the lack of interest in the country’s small sedan. But because Toyota Etios less get a positive response from citizens Brazil and other Latin American countries. Though this car competitors comprising HB20S Hyundai and Chevrolet Onix (Prisma) had excellent sales.

According to Noticias Automotivas Brazil, the reason why Toyota Etios in Brazil is not so desirable because of the shape of this car is very modest compared to competitors. But not Toyota if not clever in taking marketing gap. To increase sales of Toyota Etios Toyota actually give variant Toyota Etios sedan taxis in the form.

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3 Mistakes Cheap Car Rules

162012_lcgcCar manufacturers who follow the rules inexpensive and environmentally friendly cars (LCGC) in Indonesia amid sumringah because given the green light to make the car LCGC.

Counted, Daihatsu, Honda, Nissan Suzuki, and Toyota will enliven claiming that segment.

However there are 3 mistakes made by the government in cheap car rules. What are the errors?

1. Unclear segment

Segment cheap and environmentally friendly cars is unclear which segments will be addressed later.

And this is a big problem. Previously the car is intended for users who switch to using the motor car. But the fact is missed and very misleading promotion.

Motorists in the city remained isolated and remote motorhome even want to add a new motor for household use only one motor to the wife goes to the market.

The problem is the price. For the price LCGC $ 1,000 – $ 1,500, for a motorist with an income of Rp 5 million per month is quite large, it is better to add new bike, because desperate need every month. Another problem is going to make jams LCGC major cities in Indonesia.

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Xpower Fuel saver

imaX-POWER is a cutting-edge tech tools that improve the quality of the working principle of fuel / CNG / LPG by using the “Active Wave Ultra Magnetics (VORTEX)” resulting from the composition of several components of permanent magnets, which can alter the fuel and gas fuel molecules into positively charged ions that can Oxygeen absorb negatively charged in the balance for complete combustion, thus increasing engine performance with the achievement of maximum torque at low rpm and reduce exhaust pollution. Complete combustion as the effect of improving the quality of the fuel / BBG will result in a greater power, so the effect on the level of productivity machine. For industrial machinery average increase in production could reach 13% – 35% with the resulting fuel efficiency between 10% – 25% (including machines for Marine, Heavy Duty, etc..). As for the machines Outomotive / LPG fuel savings ranging from 25% -50%.

How it Works X-power

BBM generally circulating in Indonesia is still far from the standards of the International because it still contains a lot of additional metal elements that disrupt the smooth process of combustion. This additional metallic elements clustered and difficult to burn and eventually became deposits / crust in the engine combustion chamber fouled, and the effect on loss in performance and productivity machine, wasteful of fuel, the engine is not stable, power / acceleration is reduced .

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Frequently Crash engine, the Kawasaki Ninja 300 Investigated

ninjaNot even 1-year, latest model Kawasaki Ninja 300 already having problems. The motorcycle safety regulators are now being investigated.

Highways Agency Traffic United States (NHTSA) United States, do a check on the bike because the engine rather die suddenly.

This examination is based on 18 reports of complaints from users Kawasaki Ninja 300 in the U.S.. The engine suddenly crashed when motorists reduce gas, or when trying to stop the motor when the middle of the traffic jam.

Complaints final on 28 May. Motorcycle motorcycle owners said initially there was no sign of damage and running as usual.

But at the instant when the motor stopped and was about to pull the clutch, the engine suddenly died.

The unnamed user was also taken aback and explained almost got hit by a car.

NHTSA investigating 10,000 Kawasaki Ninja 300 in circulation in the U.S. motorcycle market. The independent agency will investigate randomly linked some 10,000 reports of damage to the Kawasaki Ninja 300.

Meanwhile Kawasaki spokesman, Sean Alexander said the company will cooperate with the agencies and owners to resolve the issue.

Haze Cancel Fuel Efficient race at Sepang

shellSmoke haze from forest fires in Sumatra in Malaysia are still not resolved. As a result, fuel efficient race will be held on July 4 to 7 at the Sepang Circuit next to be canceled.

Competition is fuel efficient is the Shell Ecomarathon which is usually held every year.

This year students from various universities Indonesia again followed.

“The health and safety of the students, suppliers, contractors and volunteers Shell always be our top priority in this event. And we cancel the event which was due to last for 4 days to minimize the effects of smog,” said Regional Project Manager for Shell Ecomarathon Frank competitiveness.

Shell is not sure when this economical race will be held back. This year the students who complete the race this frugal among other UGM students with cars Semar, ITS team with Wind Sweep, University of Indonesia, and Unesa.

Ford Claims Self-Sustainable

133611_200319_fordFord car manufacturers claim to be eco-friendly automaker. This American brand claims that the production of CO2 emissions they are significantly less.

Ford Motor Company claims to reduce CO2 emissions in the production facility by 37 percent per vehicle between 2000 and 2012 and still plan to do another reduction of 30 percent from 2010 to 2025 to tackle all aspects of new products and technologies to the production process.

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10 Tips Police Car Driving

macet2National Police Public Relations Division provides driving tips are good and right. Ranging from turning the car to save fuel.

The following tips are taken from the full PR Police Headquarters :

1. Perform initial inspection of the vehicle prior to engine start include checking the indicator lights, body condition, tire pressure, checking the bottom to check for oil leaks, including brake fluid.

2. Heavy load in the car can also affect fuel consumption. It’s good to remove unnecessary items from the car. If there is a roof rack on the car and not being used should be removed. However, if you use it to bring the goods should be driving at a low speed in order to avoid falling luggage.

3. Be sure to use a seat belt (safety belt) and do not forget to tighten. Because it can protect the user from injury is more severe when the accident occurred. How to wear a safety belt properly is cross the safety belt from the shoulder to the hip bone because the bone is the second strongest in the human body.

4. Adjust the position of the rear view and side so the driver can see all angles optimally. Because, every car must have a blind spot area (the area that is not visible driver), you should do a head check or turn his head for a moment before moving on track or spinning.

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Mission Hospital, The World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle

indexEnvironmentally friendly automotive trend was already a requirement. Fossil fuel prices are always rising and emissions that damage the environment a consideration of many consumers. Wide green car manufacturer Nissan LEAF or Tesla special green cars, has now started a lot of fans.

So also in the motorcycle class. Although not faster four wheels in the universe, but also started many motorcycles motorcycles fired electric
But, consumers care about the environment do not just want to ride the electric energy. Aspects of style and speed has also been a consideration in the electric motorcycle class.

Manufacturers from San Francisco aware of this. Mission Motors, assembling motorcycles fueled electricity. This bike is not just stylish, but also powerful. With a battery capacity of 160 horsepower, this bike can go up to speeds of 100 km in a time of 3.07 seconds. If lauched until pol, speed can reach the cusp of 240 km per hour.

With a battery capacity of 17 kWh LithiumIon type, if this motor can be fully charged for the roads to a distance of 360 km. Also recharge it soon took roughly two hours to get full. All data is displayed in the speed of the motor 7-inch diagonal screen dashboard.

According to the President of Mission Motors, Mark Seeger this bike will be sold starting this summer, around September. The price, including taxes, to reach U.S. $ 60 thousand.

Young Man Driving Wrong Victims Habits

macet2Among teenagers is an accident-prone when driving. One reason is the bad driving habits.

Many young people today who are victims of accidents caused by the wrong attitudes and habits while driving. We want to educate them so that they could provide future drive better example for the next generation,” said PR Manager of General Motors Indonesia Adhitya Zainuddin.

He said security is a top priority above all else, and this is true for anyone who will use Chevrolet products without exception, continued Adhitya.

For that PT. General Motors Indonesia (GMI) as the holder of the Chevrolet brand in Indonesia held a Safe Driving for young people at the Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya and Universitas Brawijaya (Unibraw) Malang on June 26, 2013.

The event was organized on the basis of GM Indonesia‘s commitment to provide education to the younger generation as well as concerns about the high number of traffic accidents.

Chevrolet invites Moreno Soeprapto, Indonesian national car racer who is currently affiliated with Sentul Driving Course, to help provide tips on safe driving for students.

As a rider I still drive safely on the highway. With the slogan of security‘ drive started from their own personal safety , expect road users to improve the quality of their driving and could reduce the number of accidents,” said Moreno.

In a series of visits of PT General Motors Indonesia to Surabaya and Malang, Chevrolet also held a Media Test Drive Chevrolet Spin. Spin is a compact MPV vehicle types first offered General Motors Indonesia and manufactured at a GM plant in Pondok Ungu Bekasi.