3 Mistakes Cheap Car Rules

162012_lcgcCar manufacturers who follow the rules inexpensive and environmentally friendly cars (LCGC) in Indonesia amid sumringah because given the green light to make the car LCGC.

Counted, Daihatsu, Honda, Nissan Suzuki, and Toyota will enliven claiming that segment.

However there are 3 mistakes made by the government in cheap car rules. What are the errors?

1. Unclear segment

Segment cheap and environmentally friendly cars is unclear which segments will be addressed later.

And this is a big problem. Previously the car is intended for users who switch to using the motor car. But the fact is missed and very misleading promotion.

Motorists in the city remained isolated and remote motorhome even want to add a new motor for household use only one motor to the wife goes to the market.

The problem is the price. For the price LCGC $ 1,000 – $ 1,500, for a motorist with an income of Rp 5 million per month is quite large, it is better to add new bike, because desperate need every month. Another problem is going to make jams LCGC major cities in Indonesia.

2. Inconsistent MP3EI

Cheap and environmentally friendly cars are considered not in line with the meaning MP3EI (Master Plan for the Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesian Economic Development).

And economic conditions do not support the government’s advance.

The government should create a good infrastructure that connects Indonesian provinces such as Java-Sumatra, Indonesia and so on so that the developing economies.

Practically, people can buy a vehicle fit their needs can even support the local business community.

And not a small car as cheap and environmentally friendly cars which can not be used to support the business community in Indonesia.

3. Not Holding National Car

Cheap car rules are not clearly mention the presence of the national car. The Government should support the national cars.

“If the national auto car can not walk alone, if they are not invited to join. They are good enough, could make electric cars,” concludes Suhari.

During this national cars such as Komodo, GEA, Wasps and others are looking for investors to be more competitive.

In fact they often already have a flagship car that makes enough admiration Indonesian society.