9 Tips for Dealing with Loss Streets

macet2If commuting to work every day you filled with jams, noisy on the road and the driver is not responsible for, not just you that is so. So much so that the car is not enough to accommodate all the vehicles. Here are tips that will surely help you successfully relieve your anxiety and will make your journey to much healthier.
1. Relax your body-it. Feel your body from head to toe to find your tense spots, the chances are the shoulders, neck, head or your back. And rest or lightly massage the body part. This will help you relieve your tension.

2. Doing breathing exercises. Reduce your stress with a sense of slowing your breathing. Try to take the breath slowly with your nose and then exhale. Phase slowly strengthen your breath so much longer than the withdrawal phase of your breath. Add your ratio from 1:2 to 1:3 and then to 1: 4. “This can lower your heart rate immediately,” he said. “When you think about breathing, you really can not think about it too much, because he brought something positive.

3. Sit up straight. Such as breathing, conscious of the position of the correct posture will also help you eliminate your negative thoughts. “Make sure your shoulders rests the back of the bench and your lower back is also leaning. Raise your hips slightly to the bench so that the position of the hips are higher than your knees, and do a lot of thinking. You certainly do not want a taste tengang.

4. Take an alternative route. The driver can choose their own route will feel more in control on their way, and a new scene will be able to help you reduce boredom. Even an ordinary route aja will bring a new atmosphere for you when you come across a small change like a flower blooming in the garden of someone’s home or in a new building that is being built, or a new restaurant to be opened.

5. Listen to books printed in the form of audio cassettes, podcasts or music for relaxation. This way can make you have a clear mind, and is a very good alternative when you just get bad news or news that can bring frustration. “Choose something that can enrich your life so that your trip will also enrich you and not drown you.

6. Do not do many things simultaneously (multitasking: driving while also answering the phone, let alone texting!). Every time you do not look in the direction of the road, then it is likely you are to get hit be twice as large. So put all of your handheld electronic devices, and Nibble yourself first before embarking on a journey.

7. Avoid the fuss on the road with other motorists. This is so that you can have a clear mind. If you are not in a hurry and did not do many things at the same time driving a vehicle, you will be more relaxed and less likely to have negative thoughts. Use breathing exercises to prevent yourself from behaving negatively. “Stop for a moment (pause) and say,” How do I have to face it with a heart patient? “It can make you a bit quiet.

8. Make a plan, use the GPS in your car on the street and pointed to arm yourself with a map. You will always be ready if you’re forced to confront something previously unimaginable by you that you have to create an alternative route.

9. Do not rush, Make arrangements. Perhaps nothing is more stressful things anymore than not having enough time to arrive at your destination, so make a plan. “Spend a few minutes at night to prepare your plan the next day. “This method of control can make your day.” Plan what you are going to wear the night before, prepare in the bag and all you need cell phone, keys, documents, items to bring, so that nothing is left behind.

Good luck