Acquaintance With Features Featured Suzuki Ertiga GX AT

3252_p1_s_3Since its presence in 2012, precisely on April 22, 2012, Suzuki Ertiga has won the hearts of many consumers in Indonesia. Evidently, for one year Ertiga sales has sold over 22,000 units throughout Indonesia and gets  much as 12.3% market share in the MPV market in Indonesia.

Automatic variant in the presence of Suzuki Ertiga is a product of the desire of consumers to answer a comfortable family vehicle. Previously, Suzuki has launched a double feature in early 2013 blower ago.

Well, despite the latest features is the automatic transmission, but Suzuki did not forget to introduce some features that are also pinned in Suzuki Ertiga.

Family vehicle safe, luxurious, economical and comfortable is the concept Suzuki Ertiga.

AT Suzuki Ertiga security features include Dual SRS Airbags on variants GX, side impact beams to withstand a collision from the side, ABS and EBD on the type GX, Immobiliser anti-theft locks and keyless entry. Do not forget the 7 pieces of seat belt safety for all passengers and the driver. AT Suzuki Ertiga is also a Steering Column Collapse feature where the wheel will be broken in the event of strong impact to reduce the risk of injury.

Impression of luxury in this AT Suzuki Ertiga than previous variants was the presence of the front grille gets a touch of chrome grille replaced the honeycomb design. There is also a touch of chrome on the rear of the vehicle.

Entering the interior we find the dominant color beige throughout the cabin and dashboard, create the impression of more luxurious feel. Multi-information display that exist in the 2-DIN Integrated Audio System plus audio control buttons on the steering wheel to make the level of comfort Suzuki Ertiga like vehicle at a price of 300 million.

Performance of the latest generation Suzuki K14B engine is no less slick. Engines are exactly the same as the Suzuki Swift engine is light enough and powerful. Otmoatik transmission with Variable Valve TImingg technology (VVT), Multi Point Injection (MIP), as well as drive-by-wire accelerator system makes Suzuki Ertiga more efficient and able to bulldoze various streets throughout Indonesia.

Especially for the automatic transmission, the transmission design with the Suzuki transmission pattern PRND 2 L plus an over drive button. Transmission and L 2 is to meet the needs of engine power during steep uphill road engine or a steep slope break at the time.

The use of automatic transmissions which are mostly located in the D transmission sometimes made the driver lose engine power if wanted mendahuli other vehicles. This function of the presence of features overdrive. Simply put if the engine is in top gear, eg 4th gear, the overdrive button then we will automatically lower the transmission gear to 3rd gear and 3rd gear only limited in that the driver get power for overtaking.

“Vehicles with automatic transmissions are not just talking about PRND gear only. We provide dental options 2 and L to accommodate the needs of workers at a road uphill or engine break at the steep slope. Presence became more Over Drive button allows the driver to get the torque when I want to passing another vehicle in gear D. It does need a further understanding of the Suzuki and we are ready to provide education to our consumers. ” said Joko Utomo, Head of Brand & Product Development 4W PT SIS.

The use of a more robust monocoque body makes driving more comfortable with Suzuki Ertiga. The second-row seats that can slide up to 240 mm made more spacious passenger space plus the presence of armrest for passenger comfort. Luggage space is more spacious with extra luggage if the volume of the 3rd row seats folded, can bring the needs of the family while sightseeing. Not to forget, the presence of AC Double blower making increased comfort in the passenger seat.

Comes with 8 color options namely dark brown, blue metallic, pearl white, metallic black, metallic silver, graphite gray metallic, red and burgundy pearl. This automatic Ertiga will be priced at $ 1,100 expensive than the manual version and the price is only available on GL and GX variants. Double GL AT Vaian blower will be priced at $ 12,000 (OTR Jakarta) and Double blower GX variant will be priced at $ 13,000 (OTR Jakarta).