Angel JK, Jeep Women Drivers Community

3224_p1_s_1As vehicles are known for toughness on any terrain, Jeep rarely is associated with femininity. But it turns out the women of Jeep enthusiasts quite a lot and they use the Jeep as the vehicle for the day-to-day activities.

Nowadays with the increasing number of women riders Jeep, popped a bevy of so-called “Angel JK” which include women rider Jeep and Jeep riders wives.

“When wearing high berbodi cars like Jeep makes me more secure and confident. Due to the effects of a gallant and respected body,” said Marini Zumarnis, artists of the turns driving the Jeep. Marini is currently using the 2012 Jeep Compass more compact size.

In line with Zumarnis Marini, Roselyne Shinta who is a housewife who drove the Jeep Wrangler since 2007 and a true Jeep lover. Jeep Rubicon orange crush selected as a traveling companion for day-to-day activities.

According to Jeep ride gives a sense of security and confidence. “Driving a Jeep does not have to worry about floods, not hassled people on the street, and have rarely long horizon. Additionally woman Jeep riders not only look macho but showed no gender differences for Jeep riders who are associated with tough image.”

Interim, Rieva Muchsin, Chief Marketing Officer, PT Garansindo global Inter, as APM Chrysler Indonesia in a press release today saying, “Every year we are always invited to discuss product plans with a discussion of the needs of each market, and because of the situation in Indonesia which is too bad, then to the needs of the market here in the Jeep should be made as comfortable as possible to drive for both men and women. ”

Jeep toughness clear evidence recorded in the period when the floods hit Jakarta in January. PT Garansindo with Inter Global Community Rescue Jeep Jeep roll, where there are more than 40 cars Jeep Wrangler go directly to the location in Pluit and other flooded areas in Jakarta and around distributing food aid, medicine and others. Jeep JK 8 modified by Mopar who has the special ability in terjunkan as iconic Jeep Rescue for several months in the points floods to evacuate flood victims, with the condition of the flood water has reached a height of 1.5 meters.