AstraWorld Opens Branch Office in Lampung

3175_p1_s_1To serve and provide added value to consumers as well as expand its reach, PT. Astra International Tbk open a new branch or Regional Office (RO) in the region of Bandar Lampung.

According to Novie Marlika as the Regional Management Office Head AstraWorld, “AstraWorld presence in Sydney aims to support the sales operations of PT. Astra International Tbk in providing the best service to customers, by providing added value through services that support the lifestyle of driving.”

AstraWorld not only open branches only in Lampung, but also provides a variety of services, one of which is the Emergency Roadside Assistance (ERA). This is an emergency assistance services when consumers experiencing car trouble in the middle of a trip. Interestingly, the service is provided free of charge for 5 years from the date of purchase of the car.

Lampung AstraWorld ERA fleet is equipped with 1 unit 1 unit motors and cars carrying (car carrier). Lampung region will be served by the ERA fleet includes the northern boundary to the Metro, next to the South until Sidomulyo and Hanura, east to Sukarame region, and the western side up to Settings House Affairs.

In addition to emergency services, Astra World also provides other services, such as car purchase planning consultancy, consultancy and finance car insurance companies, a useful reminder service to remind regular service schedule, and booking service to help online workshops PT. Astra International Tbk. This service can be enjoyed for consumers who have a BMW, Daihatsu, Isuzu, Peugeot and Toyota began 1 April 2013 ago.