Audi A8 Will Refresh

3320_p1_s_1With the introduction of the latest generation Mercedes S-Class some time ago, of course to grip its rivals. One of them is Audi, who also came from Germany. In the luxury sedan segment, the manufacturer’s logo 4 pieces of hand in the count circle A8.

Some time ago the Audi engineers caught testing the latest A8. The prototype four-door sedan was seen still use stickers black-and-white cover over his body. But this is not a car that catches the latest generation of the A8, but only refresh or facelift A8 alone.

From the photos, it is estimated that the A8 will have the main lights and a new rear, a redesigned grille, new bumpers and outside rearview mirror with new design. As for the interior, word got out that the Audi will fix part of the instrument panel, change the entertainment system, and raise the standard of comfort that the A8 can competitively compete with the Mercedes S-Class.

Meanwhile Audi engineers will reportedly made ​​changes to the engine and slight modifications to the front suspension. Audi A8 facelift is likely to be launched in 2014. While the latest generation of the new A8 will be introduced in 2016 or 2017.