Auto Glass Alarm Not Solved But Nyala?

174159_theftTheft of valuable items in the car such as laptops, mobile phones (HP) and other similar rife, especially in Jakarta. The thief broke the glass on the car is parked in any place or in the streets.

Typically, players use a spark plug to break the motorcycle or car windshield. The trick is usually solved by the end of the spark plug auto glass, car glass broken as a result are already an expert or glass will not break everything.

Maenurut shop owner car alarm specialist in the area of ​​Central Jakarta, Sutaryono said many thieves who broke the windshield on the car alarm does not sound. Well how come?

“That is if we are using the factory default alarm. Why? Because the plant is usually rare congenital alarm that comes by vibration sensor,” said the man who is familiarly called Yono.

He explained that when the thief suss out the glass using a spark plug or other advanced tools auto alarm will not sound and the thief freely take the luggage in the car.

“If there is a vibration sensor, car alarm it certainly sounds. But there is also the factory default alarm that shakes the sensor is used, depending on the brand as well,” he said again.

According to him, it’s good even though the car had an alarm installed from the factory, install alarms are also other, if there is not a vibrating sensor alarm that there are minimal pairs of vibration sensors.