Avoid short circuit Engine Control Unit (ECU) On Car

ecu-mobilDuring the rainy season and flooding in roads – roads in Jakarta, car owners often force myself to hit the flood in order to quickly get to the destination, regardless of the potential risk of damaging the engine. Automobile engine components are highly vulnerable to water when floods hit is the Engine Control Unit (ECU).

ECU is the “brain” of the engine, in charge of managing the overall machine, whether it regulates the supply of fuel, air, ignition etc.. Impact damage to the car components such as ECU can drain deep enough pockets. Here are tips from the Car Repair can be applied to minimize the damage if your car was already stuck in the middle of the flood

If the car is hit by a flood, you should direct car pulled or pushed to a dry place. Subsequently know the position of ECU, ECU position if it had entered the water, off the computer components, then drain and wash with liquid Trichloroethylene. This is to prevent a surge in car. For example, the position of ECU Toyota Fortuner, Innova, Avanza and Rush is in the cabin. Meanwhile, Toyota Altis, Vios and Yaris terdapar in the engine room. ECU position height also varies between 40-80 cm.

To determine whether the ECU has not been able to take in water or recognizable of the following characteristics, which is where the car is still going on, but after 2-3 days, when distarter back starting to feel hard. After the flood the engine should not immediately be activated because it is very dangerous, potentially short-circuit in the Engine Control Unit (ECU) which resulted in a car fire.

Another form of prevention that can be taken is to avoid passing through standing water such as flood at high speed, to minimize the possibility of splashing. If possible, make a protective engine control unit (ECU). especially in the socket, to make it more resistant when exposed to water.