Basic Car Care Tips For Sustainable

download (3)Basic Car Care Tips For Sustainable among others:

1. Car parking place Teduh
Try parking your car in the shade and not exposed to direct sunlight. Because if you park your car a place exposed to direct sunlight, then you will potentially body paint fade due to overheating.

2. Drain After Car Washed
If you are after a car wash, then immediately wipe your car with CANEBO or dry soft cloth. After that, you can pelincung coating with liquid paint to give a shiny and protective effect.

3. Appropriate Use of Fuel
Maybe from some people do not understand, fill with fuel in accordance with their own desires. In fact, there are provisions that cars must use what fuels. If it says use Prmium, then use premium fuel you separately.

4. Periodically check the engine
The most problematic thing on the car is the engine. You check your machine as much as possible as often as possible. Check the engine oil and other engine fluids. When in a state of low-level, then immediately add the liquid.

Nah Gan, the above tips may be useful to agan-agan, let me add durable car and not down the engine, by the way about the car this year will reportedly come out low output of Japanese cars are pretty, and the car that later would be