Because of speeding, Police Got A Punishment

leafinEvent that deserves to be in duplicate by law enforcement in each country, especially in Indonesia. Not long ago in France a police officer has been caught on camera driving his motorcycle at high speed.

The police drove 186 kph with the bike on the road which has been limited in speed is 110 kph, or rather in the way Rioz, Haute-Saone southern France. The police finally got pulled over by the road safety officer.

When asked why the cop drove his motorcycle at speeds exceeding specified limits?

President of one of the clubs in the French motorcycle police say 46-year-old apart from other club members, because there is a problem with the bike.

By doing so, he tried to catch it. As a result he drove at high speed.

But, at that time the police were not on duty and riding a motorcycle alone with civilian clothes. There was no tolerance, though a police officer he should remain ticketed.

As a result of his driving license should be revoked and to continue his journey he had to sit in the back seat as passengers on ride on a bicycle.

The result of his recklessness, he must follow the course of the trial and the police likely will get extra punishment. Minimal fines and most severe job losses.