Beware of Black Women Riders SUV!

evoqueBe careful with the woman rider black SUV. Usually they belong to a very aggressive rider on the streets. Oops …

At least that is the result of a survey of Australian-based insurer AAMI. AAMI says women aged 25 to 49 years and men aged 50 years and over is aggressive street riders. Two-thirds of users are those who get in the SUV that age category.

If you look at the color, black SUV driver is the driver that is more aggressive than other car colors.

The original survey targeting the accidents that occurred within 5 years. The survey was conducted in 2011 but was extended until 2013. AAMI want to see driving behavior on the streets.

AAMI asked people about whether they are swearing to the other riders, trail or breaking the speed limit in certain areas such as schools.