BMW i3 Patents Leaked!

i3BMW’s first electric car, the i3 will be manufactured. And before the production is done, the German automobile patent has been leaked!

Production version of the BMW i3 is already several times caught on camera while being tested. However, the leaked patent citycar this validates the future BMW i3 when born later.

The car was first present in the concept version at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 appear to be different than the concept version. Glass door panel is not there with the front door rather than the back of the shift to the concept version.

Bumper, front and rear lights and glass also will be low.

This model is scheduled to be sold as an electric car powered by an electric motor around 170 bhp (127 kW) and torque of 249 Nm (184 lb-ft) that should be able to provide distance cruising between 130-160 km.

There is also news saying that this car will also be strengthened 0.65-liter engine is a two cylinder motorcycle engine as a generator. With the addition, the car can roam up to 220 km.

For the price, in Europe the car is expected to be released starting price of 40,800 euros.