Bridgestone Tire Launches Environmentally Friendly

Located at the Bridgestone Proving Ground, Karawang, West Java, PT. Bridgestone Tire Indonesia launched a new variant of the tire, the Ecopia EP150. Of course, most tire manufacturers from Japan is bringing some of the latest technology in order to compete with its competitors.

3299_p1_s_2So what advantages these tires? Parties Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 say that is able to make your car more efficient in terms of fuel consumption, durable, and of course safe. Besides this tire also has good construction resulting in a low resistance tires scroll, low noise level. In essence, the Ecopia EP150 is an environmentally friendly tire.

This can be obtained thanks to the development of the tire compound that uses Nano Pro-Tech. This technology can reduce the drag coefficient numbers scroll on the tire by reducing the possibility of loss of energy in the compound during the peak of the conveyor belt. The EP150 also has a form associated with a tire tread block and thin rib so as to increase the tire pressure in direct contact with the road.

We are very excited by the presence of Ecopia EP150 tires for this. This tire combination meurpakan stability and remarkable response with low barriers scroll so it takes less energy to propel the car.