Brief History of Datsun

imagesLong before the Datsun name is known as a potential low-cost car (LCGC) in Indonesia, India and Russia, Japanese car manufacturers had worldwide with a wide range of products. From cheap, reliable to sportscar racing. Then what about history? Let us recognize.

Initially in 1914 Kwaishinsha Motor Works owned Masujiro Hashimoto (1911-1926) completed the assembly of “DAT Car”. In the prototype to the model, DAT 31, which was greeted with much enthusiasm.

The name was derived, in part from the name of the three investors. Namely Kenjiro Den, Rokuro Aoyama, and Takeuchi Meitaro cousin of former prime minister who helped arrange financing. so the name of the DAT. Roughly translated means “rabbit”, “rabbit fast”, or “very fast” in Japanese,

In 1926 Jitsuyo Jidosha Kwaishinsha and collaborate to “DAT Jidosha Seizo”. Subsequently in 1932 DAT Jidosha Seizo car introduced “Datsun” first. A year later, Aikawa Yoshisuke acquired Datsun and Nissan Motor Co. set up.

Furthermore, Yokohama Plant Inauguration 1935, the first Japanese car assembly plants time to produce a wide audience that “Datsun 14”. Then the class victory in the 1958 Australian Rally, a challenging race with endurance toughness “Datsun 210”.

In 1958 Datsun expanding market and began exporting to the United States “Datsun 210” to the land of Uncle Sam. In the ’60s, the name Datsun enough to shake the market through product 240Z sportscar.

In the country, Datsun cars also fill the market with products and versions 120Y sedan pick up is, 620 in the 70’s. Unfortunately, in 1981 the Datsun brand was abolished after the principals chose the Nissan brand as their global brand.

And Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.. Announced the return of the Datsun, Nissan’s global brand that all three, along with Nissan and Infiniti in the month of March 2012. Datsun present continuous driving experience for customers youthful and optimistic in the market to develop more rapidly.

Datsun Japanese car assemblers represent the expertise that has been tested for 80 years and an important part of the Nissan DNA. Datsun cars will go on sale in India, Indonesia, and Russia in 2014.