Car Want More Silent? Put Damper It

peredamHaving a car with a quiet cabin can add to your driving comfort. But how to make the car much more silent?

Do not worry now there are accessories to make your favorite car to be more silent. Alif Auto accessories shop located in Mega Glodok Kemayoran (MGK) 5th floor absorbers provide car accessories.

“There’s a new one for ya car silencer to be more silent and comfortable. Accessories being searched many car users,” said the owner Alif Auto, Desi detikOto when met at his shop.

By Desi, this cancellation functions for over drown out the noise from outside and more make for pengandara comfort.

Usually installation in the floor of the car, the car doors and the bonnet as well as the material is made of materials such as asphalt.

Then how much price for this silencer? “Price a piece $ 9 and it is for size 50 cm x 76 cm and it already includes installation services,” said Desi.