Confidence Chevrolet Spin Selling in East Java

lupromax-inIndonesia targets sales of Chevrolet Chevrolet Spin in East Java penetrated figure 210 per month for 2013. So far sales in the four official Chevrolet dealers spread across East Java has reached 200.

Our sales to date in East Java of 200 units. Everything comes from our four main dealership in East Java,” said Director of Public Relations of PT General Motors Indonesia Maria Sidabutar.

Maria also tells MPV market is currently experiencing tremendous growth stretching high. Especially in City of Heroes.

However, in the midst of competition cars MPV in Indonesia, Spin sensation certainly has its own comfort. It is proved by test drive the All New Spin to Bangkalan, Madura, with crews media on Thursday afternoon.

When crossing a deserted Suramadu, Competitor AvanzaXenia‘s proven toughness. Driving in high speed, the new Spin releases in April 2013 and is still fairly stable and comfortable ride.

For the noise that is often caused by diesel vehicles and premium was barely shown Spin. Nan calm strong performance was still shown by spin-type LT‘s 1.5.

Surabaya as a mecca for fashion trends and vehicles, Maria hopes Spin presence in East Java Chevrolet could bring the people of Indonesia. Particularly the eastern part of Indonesia.

People in Eastern Indonesia mostly oriented to Surabaya. Papua Even to see it here as well. For that test drive this time was held in Surabaya. he concluded.