Datsun cars will be produced in Indonesia

imagesBeginning in 2014, the Nissan showroom in Indonesia also will sell the Datsun brand. But until now, the figure of Datsun car that will be raised again by the Nissan was not immediately known what kind.

We seem to have to be patient to wait until around the Indonesia International Motorshow 2013.

“We will be a breakthrough this year, it could be later in September, before or after the IIMs. Platform will be different from the one sold in Russia or India. Datsun production will be carried out in the country and will be launched and sold in 2014, “said Indriani Hadiwidjaja, General Manager Bussiness Unit Datsun Indonesia, met in Jakarta some time ago.

Indri added, Datsun models will be marketed in Indonesia certainly have been adjusted to market conditions and Indonesia. Local content will reach 80 percent, so they can follow the program Low Cost and Green Car (LCGC) government.

“But there is or is not LCGC, Datsun still will go on as it has become part of the global strategy,” said Indri.

Once produced and marketed, marketing Datsun models will be done through the official network owned by Nissan Motor Indonesia, which has spread throughout Indonesia.

In addition to easier market penetration and reach people close, it will also be much more cost efficient than building their own outlets. So next year, if you want to buy a car Datsun, Nissan showroom kindly to that number will increase to 105 by the end of 2013.