Easy Ways to Take Care Car Nissan Old

135536_yasminYour Nissan car owners old like Terano, Serena and so there is an easy way ya care for his car. detikOto this time will give you tips on caring cheap old Nissan car.

According to a special workshop Nissan owner, Yasmin Motor Joko‘s in Mega Glodok Kemayoran, Central Jakarta said there was no extra care to treat the old Nissan car.

Maintenance is about the same as a new Nissan car or other cars, said Joko.

Take care of him as just a routine oil change every 10 thousand miles and automatic oil change every 40 thousand miles.

Just change the oil every 2 times 1 times did tune up so everything is totally drained so the engine stays nice and well maintained, he said.

Continued, especially for Nissan car with automatic transmission also no differences or special treatment. Moreover, the automatic transmission in the older models still carry the Nissan CVT automatic regular unlike the current Nissan.

Autimatic Livina new transmission alone is different from the first. General if the first CVT easier nursed and do not need special treatment just pretty routine oil change and another automatic only,” due diligence.