Esemka Rajawali Already Use of Water Fuel saver

esemka-solo-inThis would happen if the two CMS collaboration. SMK-owned car in Solo Esemka secretly been using hydrogen gas generator SMK wave of water or fuel saver developed in SMK 2 Langsa Aceh.

When the car earlier this nation’s children rely on fuel oil (BBM), the car is now also utilize water as a fuel saver with a pair of hydrogen generators.

With the addition of the hydrogen generator tool, Esemka SUV fuel consumption more efficient.

Esemka SMK 5 Solo already use hydrogen. According to the developer, he said his car fuel consumption could be 1:20 miles, but I have not proved it. Another time when there is a chance I want to test, said Toto.

Toto describes hydrogen generator tool on Esemka 5 Solo is suitable for machine Esemka. Esemka machine is very suitable for embedded hydrogen gas generator. Such tools can even boost engine power Esemka. Especially with a high-octane.

Machine so powerful. Machine we have no problem. These tools can even boost power and fuel consumption Esemka efficiently, he concluded.

Besides hydrogen generator tool Toto insists on Esemka obtained from SMK 2 Langsa, Aceh. Tools are imported direct from Aceh as one of supporting the development of the nation Esemka car.

The mechanism of SMK 2 Langsa. Loaned We do not buy, Toto chirping.

So do not end there. If the test phase is shown to be more effective tools, Toto and others it is not possible to pin a hydrogen generator tool on each other Esemka cars.

If such a device actually proved, we will expand the tool and install it on Esemka. So the engine is more powerful and more fuel efficient, Toto cover.