Fake Lamborghini maker sued

lamborghiniinAs a eksklisif car company, Lamborghini did not like people who change the car to look like a Lamborghini. In fact, the Italian manufacturer to sue a modification companies from the United States.

Is CARKITINC, a body kit company based in Alabama who is now a stumbling stone. The problem is, the Lamborghini was not happy CARKITINC sell body kits can make regular car into a Lamborghini.

However, CARKITINC claims that body mounting kit is simply a pleasure. It’s really just for fun, said Jackie Johnson.

Johnson then told me that he initially got the idea of ​​making a body kit after seeing the Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 owned snowboarder and skateboarder Shaun White on the TV.

But when I saw the price, she also had an idea, why not make a Lamborghini body mold. The result, he immediately made ​​a fiberglass mold of the Murcielago body kit and start the online to the entire United States at a price of only U.S. $ 4 thousand.

The first car that he made false Lamborghini is a Pontiac Firebird that instantly visually transform the car into the car of Italian American cars, at least when viewed superficially. It took 4-6 weeks to complete.

Since this is just for the fun alone, Johnson says even if Lamborghini had to see how good a homemade body kit, seeing a Lamborghini too serious about it. They saw it was really serious, he said.

Johnson also said that although similar Lamborghini, Lamborghini car customers will not be moved to the shop because it is between a replica and the original are two different things.

Italian manufacturer is likely protective of goods production. In 2009, Italian police had even raided and confiscated all fake Ferrari that roam the country.