Family Car Tips

download (2)How to find a suitable family car? Starting from the consideration of shape, broad, and of course the price for comfort and security for the family. Here are some tips that may help you to find a suitable family car and fit.

Prioritizing Safety (Safety First)

You definitely will bring your children are traveling together, and do not forget the equipment that they have, such as toys, bags, and so forth. So the priority is always safety, although each car is equipped with the safety standards there.

Test drive or test safety

Do a test drive before buying a car, either a new car or second car, make sure everything is functioning properly, starting from the interior, engine, steering wheel, other car parts. There is also good to ask about the safety test on a car dealer in question, whether it is passed the safety test or not.

Note the air bag (air bag)

Cars with air bags (air bag) has started production since 1998 and usually there are air pockets in the front of the car. Although the air bag is working to save the passengers (according to the survey, the air bag may reduce the risk of accidents by 30% in adults), but it can also hurt the children.
Children aged less than 12 years old should sit in the back of the car seat, it can reduce the risk of air bag and sandwiched between them. There are some cars that are now equipped automatic system that can identify children passengers and automatically turn off the air bag system (air bag) this. But if there is no automated system, can also be turned off manually. You can make sure by asking the air bag system (air bag) to the car dealer or manufacturer that you will buy.

Seat belt (seat belt)

Fighting should put safety at every seat, both front seats, middle and rear of the car seat. Make sure you plug the seat belt can be adjusted also for the size of children. Anti-lock brakes (Anti lock brakes) brake system will generally locking / braking on a slippery road and can cause terplintir car and derailed. But this time, the system can be equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), which can be locked when the car skidded and the car remains in a state controlled.

Safety door and window locks

Make sure the car is equipped with a safety door and window locks so that you can ensure children are always safe in the car at all times.