Ferrari car Renaming Again

125_p1_s_1Ferrari F150 is actually appointed as his F1 car, a name chosen to celebrate 150 years of Italian unification. However, it complained of the Ford, which worried the name would cause consumer confusion against popular truck design, known as the Ford F-150.

For that, make adjustments to the Ferrari Formula 1 car chassis name them after the completion of the 2011 Ford rejection. However, it is very unpleasant, they should change the name of the riders at the start, so Ferrari decided to change its name in accordance with what they want.

In typical style, they decided to remove the letter F and clicking-italikan name by replacing the English “th” became a symbol of Italy. Thus, the name of the car is now Ferrari 150 ° Italia.

This name is cynically announced in a column ‘Prancing Horse’, published by the Ferrari website.

“His name is now Ferrari 150 ° Italia, which is very obvious even to people who do not know though that the name of this car is a tribute to the celebration of the unification of our country. Lets hope this is really finished and we can concentrate on more serious problems, which shows that our car is good enough outside it, with a true champion, “said the column.