Fuel Prices Up, Sales Motor Injection participate Up

164351_force5Although the price of fuel oil (BBM) premium and diesel have not been officially up, but an indication of the increasing volume of two-wheeler sales has been seen.

Motor fuel efficient as the solution. I think the switch from cars to motorcycles, said General Manager Marketing Communications & Community Development Yamaha Indonesia Eko Prabowo respond to oil price hikes.

Eko with the optimistic tone that would explain a lot of people looked at the motor because the motor is obviously much more fuel efficient than a car that proved to be quite a drain bag.

Such as motor sport for example. Motor types are not likely to increase with the planned increase in fuel octane 88 in Indonesia.

About the machine does not matter, what matters is the motor fuel-saving technologies such as embedded injection as a regulator of fuel intake.

Another case motorcycle. The motorcycle segment will experience stagnation, and many car owners will choose motor sport scooter as a daily accommodation.

The driver turned to motor sport or automatic. Moped is less. Injection motor and as the solution most in demand as fuel efficient, sure Eko.