Go-Kart Driving sensation a la Mini Paceman

3222_p1_s_1Mini Paceman said to be the first Sport Activity Coupe in the premium compact car segment in Indonesia. Newly launched car has an attractive exterior design that resembles a coupe in the C-pillar and the roof line sloping to the rear.

But the car also has other advantages, namely the sensation of driving a go-kart car la. Jentri W. Izhar, as Head of Mini Indonesia said that it could be felt as the entire front and rear wheels Paceman be placed right on the corners so that it has a low center of gravity. The effect is controlling the car is reliable and has good feedback.

“The driver who never drove a go-kart would immediately feel it. Additionally to these advantages, the Mini Paceman suitable for slalom contest,” added Jentri with friendly.

The driving experience is also supported by some devices, such as the Electronic Power Steering with Servotronic were able to assist the driver in controlling the car in accordance with vehicle speed. Paceman is also equipped with sport suspension lower. At rida paired MacPherson spring strut front and to the rear wheels using forged cross member and multi-link.