Goodyear Indonesia Want in OEM Market

3280_p1_s_1After 78 years of existence in the Indonesian automotive market, the leading tire manufacturer PT Goodyear Indonesia declared ready to compete in the OEM market (Original Equipment Manufactured) in Indonesia.

This was stated at the Goodyear Indonesia on the sidelines CarMall Tire Trial Media Tour event which took place across the province, from Central Java to East Java starting on May 7 to May 9, 2013.

“The market is very lucrative OEM, especially seen from the development of vehicle sales in Indonesia continues to increase. Goodyear this year had planned to hold the APM to be able to work together with the use of our product quality,” said Fenty Berliana, Marketing Director of PT Goodyear Indonesia Tbk .

Goodyear product itself is called has been used as an OEM product, including the Daihatsu Grand Max, Kijang Innova E, Chevrolet Aveo, Ford Focus, and the All New Honda Jazz. Reportedly in 2013, a number of products currently in phase approach vehicles to use tire Goodyear as their standard.