Hankook DTM Extend Cooperation and Supply Official Ban Early

3315_p1_s_2Premium tire manufacturer Hankook Tire and DTM on May 2, 2013 announced the extension of the partnership as the official tire supplier, faster than a fixed schedule. Series of famous European racing cars in the world, will continue his racing career with a series of activities Hankook ‘Ventus’ until at least 2016, by relying on superior technology tires Hankook Tire.

“Regulations are precise and stable, professional and reliable and experienced management has always been the basis of a successful series of motorcycle racing,” said Mr.. Bomb Hyun Cho, President & Chief Marketing Officer / Chief Corporate Management Officer Hankook Tire. “DTM is a car racing series is the most popular and organized around the world. Involvement from the beginning gives us an ideal platform for demonstrating advanced Hankook tire technology and futuristic. And early extension of our involvement as a tire supplier for the DTM ekskulsif never questioned .

“The cooperation with Hankook during the first two years the partnership has really convinced us to give their best performance so far. This is the reason for us to continue this successful partnership to 2013 and beyond. Extension of an earlier contract is a logical consequence,” said Mr. Hans Werner Aufrecht, Chairman of the Board DTM which holds the rights and promoter ITR eV

In addition to the product line series used in the previous DTM series, from 2013 onwards, Hankook Tire will also bring some tire choice for the race track. This new option is expected to add to the spirit of the new DTM season. The DTM racer will use a series tires ‘Ventus’ Hankook highly reliable and all of the latest series Ventus tires high grip power in each racing session. This allows the presence of several additional variations of the new racing strategies to make the race becomes more thrilling and exciting.

“With the latest exclusive tire choice for the DTM, we can once again demonstrate the advanced performance of Hankook products in a unique environment – are paired on premium vehicles that participated in the DTM as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz,” added Mr. Choo.

“We can not wait how the performance of the latest Hankook tire choice in racing season this time. Bringing the two types of tires to the racing series this season, we are sure to be many surprises that happened on the track and open wider opportunities for mutual precede. Acknowledgements as possible for the engineers at Hankook who have successfully answered the challenge to bring the type of tires in accordance with our expectations, the type of tire that allows riders clocked faster
every lap in his limited time, “said Mr.Aufrecht.

DTM is one of the famous racing series in the world, which is able to attract hundreds of thousands of spectators at each series and broadcast to over 175 countries around the world. By taking momentum extension of this partnership, Hankook Tire will be able to strengthen its brand value as a premium tire manufacturer in the global automotive market. Hankook Tire entered the global racing arena and began to take a leading role in racing events since 1992. Basing on deep technology knowledge gained from decades earlier, Hankook Tire continued to build its image as a premium tire through its participation in several racing championships-than DTM-like Superstar who came from Italy, TTA Racing Elite League from Sweden, championship FIA Formula 3 European Championship, and the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race Nuerburgring and the FIA ​​Junior WRC.