Hankook Tire Pros Discuss Recent Kinergy EX

3230_p1_s_2Hankook Tire launched their latest product which is Kinergy EX. Tyres with this MPV specification for vehicles designed for road conditions in Indonesia.

Kinergy EX launch is the first in the ASEAN market. This signifies Indonesia as an important country in the development of markets for Hankook tires in the Asian region. In addition to the luxurious appearance, this tire was carrying another advantage.

Kinergy EX is the smart tire features Visual alignment indicator or Visual Balance Indicator. This feature is easily seen by the presence of two colored dots on the side of the tire tread and sidewall. This feature indicates the tire has run evenly or not. If not then need to then make tires spooring perfectly evenly.

Kinergy EX also offers a tread design that reduces tire noise. Design on the tread shoulder grooves made 5 pitch with a wider surface is also useful to improve the performance of the tires in the rain.

Block Dividing Technology Hankook is a technology designed to anticipate changes in the form of tire treads. In part this design also makes sound frequencies equally distributed to optimize contact with the road surface.

EX Kinergy Hankook tires have also promised a more robust construction. Sequentially tire construction is kinergy EX Protect Rim Bar, a hard rubber compound to protect the vehicle wheels. Reinforcement jointless Belt, 2 ply nylon construction reinforcement belt. 2 wide steel belts, steel wire belts 2 wide tread fix to improve stability control.

Then continues with Super High Turn Up Carcass where part sidewalls reinforced with super strong material to protect from puncture wounds and shock. High Hardness Bead Filters ensure high stability control and driver response.

Kinergy EX comes with a choice of sizes 13 inch to 15 inch. In total there are 11 measures that consumers can select the price range of $ 200 to $ 400 . Many features that support the safety and a more sporty design, the EX Kinergy a slick option for your family MPV vehicle.