Haze Cancel Fuel Efficient race at Sepang

shellSmoke haze from forest fires in Sumatra in Malaysia are still not resolved. As a result, fuel efficient race will be held on July 4 to 7 at the Sepang Circuit next to be canceled.

Competition is fuel efficient is the Shell Ecomarathon which is usually held every year.

This year students from various universities Indonesia again followed.

“The health and safety of the students, suppliers, contractors and volunteers Shell always be our top priority in this event. And we cancel the event which was due to last for 4 days to minimize the effects of smog,” said Regional Project Manager for Shell Ecomarathon Frank competitiveness.

Shell is not sure when this economical race will be held back. This year the students who complete the race this frugal among other UGM students with cars Semar, ITS team with Wind Sweep, University of Indonesia, and Unesa.