HDCI Ready to Break World Record in Ancol

164230_145328_hddpnAs a series of anniversary Harley Davidson, Harley Davidson Club Indonesia community (HDCI) will hold a variety of events, one of which will break the world record.

Chairman HDCI, Nanan Sukarna said that next month there will be a show that invites 3,000 units of Harley Davidson motorcycles and several other major. The event will be held in Ancol, North Jakarta.

There will be 3 thousand Harley in Ancol. Event that will beat the record that was made in China today who collect 2,500 units of Harley Davidson, Nanan said on the sidelines of Bike Week in BNR Bogor, Bogor.

Once assembled 3,000 units Harley Davidson, will be held parade exhaust sound different voice. That was done because Harley synonymous with distinctive exhaust sound.

Everything must come to see. Equally we see MURI record breaking world records at the same time,” due diligence.