He is World’s Fastest Electric Car

lolainBritish technology company Drayson Racing Technologies showed his skill in preparing electric cars Lola B12 69EV. This car also managed to break the record for the fastest electric car in the world.

Lola B12 69EV electric car as a race car achieved a top speed of 204.2 mph (328.6 km / h) at RAF Elvington in Yorkshire. Previous record for fastest electric car electric cars are etched by using the Battery Box General with a maximum speed of 175 mph in 1974.

Former British Science Minister, and Chief Executive Drayson Racing, Lord Drayson said the results proved that the electric car is the future car as a replacement for gasoline cars.

The man who was behind the wheel of the Lola B12 69EV also stated the car to highlight how potential electric vehicle technology.

With this achievement, the company is based in Kidlington, Oxfordshire will continue to develop automotive technology, better yet, where the race as a means to focus the efforts.

What I expect is to show people how the potential of electric cars in the future, said Lord Drayson.

Lola B12 69EV weighs 1,000 kg without driver corresponding FIA regulations. The electric race car uses a battery 30kWh lithiumion battery that can power equivalent of 850 hp.

This car is not the only electric racing car. Nissan reportedly continued to develop ZEOD RC (Zero Emission Car Racing On Demand).