He’s Helmet with GPS Navigation System

a0a6351e569a726410c54999c8f542d8_pGPS navigation systems are connected via bluetooth to screen for existing motorcycles. Whether in your mind ever think of having a helmet that can talk like in the movies like ironman, etc? Soon the helmet as it seems to be coming soon.
LiveMap, one of the Russian manufacturers of navigation devices has now developed the technology. The helmet features a high-tech glass that can display full-color images and transparent, so it does not interfere with vision when driving.

The helmet electricity source using two 3000 mAh battery will keep the GPS performance remains lit all the way. Helmets will also include a microphone and earphones to receive and send voice commands without using the hands. The light sensor is also placed on top of the helmet to detect the reflected light from the projector under sunlight conditions or at night.

In addition, there is still gravity sensor, gyroscope and digital compass to match the body sway when cornering. This technology also can be used for riders who need the most accurate time data from lap to lap.

LiveMap will not use Android or iOS system, but instead to develop its own operating system in order to keep the biker to stay focused and not distracted other things like video, browsing, etc. that could be dangerous journey.

At present, the development of constrained funding. That’s why, LiveMap is currently raising funds from the public. They need about 150,000 U.S. dollars (1.4 billion-an) for the project to materialize. Fundraiser ends on July 11 at this link.