Honda Soltec Release New Solar Panel Tools

73_p1_s_2Conversion efficiency of the use of the latest solar cell module is expected to exceed 13%, which is the most efficient in the world rankings. The increase in the performance improvement obtained from photosensitive layer and a reduction in the surface area of ​​the frame and non-photosensitive part.

As a result of these improvements also affect the overall shape of the solar panels are now more concise. More compact model with an estimated two-thirds of the surface area of ​​the model modules now, making it possible to install in confined spaces and a variety of surface shapes.

Development of CIGS solar cells was conducted independently by pressing a minimum energy use in the manufacturing process, thus contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Future, Honda will continue to contribute through the application of the latest technology hope solar panels that can address the needs of the broader market as an environmentally friendly alternative sources.

Here below is the specification of data between forms / prototype model of the solar panels are new and previous models.
Latest prototype model of the form (HEM130PCA)
Nominal maximum output module (W) 89 * 130 *
Dimension (mm) (L x P x T) 926 x 738 x 371
Module conversion efficiency of 13.0% * 11.6% *
Weight (Kg) 8.714.3
Nominal open circuit voltage (V) 190 280