Hyundai announces car rally Veloyster

122_p1_s_4Veloster rally car is made from basic materials and featuring a sturdy chassis, suspension artificial, race-spec interior, 18-inch HRE wheels with Hankook tires. With carbon Kevlar bodynya panel, the car weighs just 1250kg Veloster.

Under the hood, the Veloster rally car driven turbocharged, four-cylinder that produces 500 bhp and 813 Nm of torque. Power is channeled throughout Xtract four wheels through a six-speed transmission and all-wheel drive system.

Vice president of Product and Corporate Planning Hyundai North America, Mike O’Brien, “All New Veloster 2012, favors driven, fun and thanks to a team we are interested Rhy and introduced him to racing fans ahead of its launch this summer. Dad I put Rhy , Rod at Pikes Peak, Hyundai’s rally program twenty years ago, a great thing back into the sport along with his son inspiring a new generation. ”

Hyundai will make three Veloster rally car for Rhys Millen Racing team, and the car driven by his own Rhy Millen, freestyle motocross rider Robbie Madisson, and five-time British rally champion Marcus Dodd, who will compete in the Rallycross Champhionship Summer X Games and the U.S..