Hyundai Launches Car `Eggs`

152359_620Once the personal vehicle Segway kinds made ​​by Toyota, and artificial Ropits Hitachi, Hyundai has now also initiated a capacity of one person named car E4U.

Hyundai showed off the car. In contrast to both, E4U shaped like an egg and looks without wheels. Appropriate form, E4U name is indeed taking acronym of technology to offer. Namely Evolution, Electricity, Eco-friendliness and Egg (egg).

Motorists driving this car with the stand, such as the Segway. Pengedara like getting in an egg but in a standing position. At first glance, looks like a rider who just hatched from an egg.

This inspired the idea of ​​a small car that increasingly narrow urban streets and parking lots were minimal. Motorists can drive it while still wearing leg for balance.

Unlike the common vehicle used wheels, these vehicles such as egg mengelinding. This method of movement thanks to the ‘spin semispherical, so that it looks the bottom of the egg continues to spin “.

When the vehicle is stopped, then the position will be standing. Whereas when driving, the driver will tilt the body in accordance with the vehicle speed. This vehicle can be lauched up to a maximum speed of 30 km per hour.

The car that was developed in just four months is actually not entirely without wheels. On the back there are two small limbs that have small wheels. Function as a counterweight. This balancer functions as a tail in the helicopter. While the upper part can be removed and used rider, like a helmet for safety.

This egg-powered cars with electric battery power of 500 watts. However, no mention of how much weight and size, as well as the price and when it will be launched to the market.