In Indonesia, Children Under Age could drive a car

avanzaApparently, a minor boy driving a car is not just a story abroad. In Indonesia, it is also found. A child is seen driving a Toyota Avanza in Gading Serpong.

This incident could attract the attention of one of my friends who happen to cross paths with the boy in one of the fuel filling stations in Gading Serpong, and immediately record it.

“I saw him driving down the street alone. Afterwards equally content of gasoline. Was very young I look. I photograph and she was a bit scared-scared my passport photo,” said Pangestu.

The child sits in the driver’s position, while sitting next to an adult is not known whether a parent or not.

According to Pangestu, this incident can not be allowed because it would hurt him and of course everyone else. And of course this incident violated the law in Indonesia.

Pangestu, attitudes are still childish, and it shows when he was about to capture the action of the reckless boy.

“Not yet eighteen. Therefore he was rather short, judging by her posture. Pas me photograph him timidly. Seems he was not old enough, can not get a lie down,” said Pangestu.

Pangestu beranggapaan time the child is not sweet highway driving. And of course it violated the rules and should be punished. Not only the children but nevertheless parents who let this kid driving.

According to article 81 (2), (3), (4), and (5) Law. 22 of 2009 on Traffic and Transportation, one can get a driver’s license when he turns 18 years old. In the age of the rider is considered to have a mature mindset.