Inauguration of Volkswagen NUVOLKS Community Chapter Bandung

3338_p1_s_1As a European brand that continues to grow and favored by the people of Indonesia, Indonesian Volkswagen understands the true meaning of a community that has many years to grow a sense of love for the Volkswagen brand. The dedication ceremony was held in Bandung Volkswagen dealer. The inaugural ceremony and inauguration of course show the existence and the commencement of work and time Nuvolks Chapter Bandung.

Nuvolks Chapter Bandung has actually been around since 2012. Now with 30 members, on Saturday, June 1, 2013 officially established yesterday, which is counted as the 2nd Chapter. Holding lubricating oil Castrol has been the partner Volkswgen, this activity starts with touring from Jakarta to Bandung, followed by 69 cars of VW favorite type, such as Golf, Scirocco and Tiguan. Group of 69 scirocco also lead the way this car.

Arriving in Bandung Volkswagen Dealer, symbol of dedication conducted by PR Manager VW Indonesia, Bp. Rully Johan to give uniform framed Nuvolks NCM Dealer representatives Bp. David Eddy. And President Nuvolks, Jetro Aditya with uniform pinning Nuvolks to Bandung Chapter Chairman, Tan Ching Yin.

“Actually, it was difficult to establish a community but it is much more difficult to establish. I want all VW dealers in Indonesia makes the foster community, forming Chapter. And most importantly if the Chapter has been there, then what? They should be independent, in terms of activities and financially independent, although in the early stages still to be fostered by Nuvolks Jakarta as Nuvolks Center “.

Rully said Johan. He added further understand that in the community is a forum to ask each other questions and give feedback to each other, then this community is expected to grow confidence in prospective customers will be Volkswagen. Surely in this Nuvolks community, the member has the advantages that it can tell each other and share experiences using Volkswagen by day – day.

Nuvolks is a combination of the words “Nu” and “Volks, Volkswagen is interpreted as a new type of car. For official community of APM VW Indonesia, the car cooled or water-cooled water is noted to have about 300 active members in several big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta , Bandung, Cirebon, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Solo and Semarang. plans next, after Eid al-Fitr, in August 2013 will be unveiled Chapter Surabaya, September 2013 Chapter Solo and Semarang Chapter planned end of the year.