Injection nozzle

Injection Nozzle This section receives high-pressure fuel and injecting it into the combustion chamber. When pressure fuel injection pump to be pumped by greater than spring load pressure, the energy pushing the needle nozzle upward. This causes the spring to be compressed and the pressure of fuel injected into the combustion chamber. Injection pressure can be tuned by adjusting shim thickness to differentiate, which effectively turns the load on the spring. This parts accepts the high pressured fuel and injects it into combustion chamber. When the fuel pressure pump pumped by hypodermic Becomes bigger than burden of spiral spring pressure, its energy will push the needle nozzle to up. This matter causes the spiral spring [of] pressure Becomes fuelis solid and injected to the combustion chamber. Hypodermic pressure can be switched on by differentiating thick [of] shim swictch roomates Effectively Alters the burden [of] [at] spiral spring.


1. Spring pressure (Pressure spring) 2. Nozzle needle 3. Nozzle body 4. Shim setter 1. Pressure Spring 2. Tail the nozzle 3. Nozzle body 4. Shi