Introduce the newest Lamborghini Concept Car, Egoista

3293_p1_s_1At the Geneva Motor Show 2013 last March, Lamborghini introduced the exclusive variant Veneno. This super car attracted the attention of visitors because of the eccentric exterior design. But it seems that was not enough because of the recent Italian car manufacturer introduced a new concept car called Egoista.

This latest concept car introductions took place at the peak of the celebration of the anniversary of Lamborghini’s 50th year. Egoista Lamborghini supercar was made for selfish owners. According to Walter De Silva, as the Head of Volkswagen Group Design, “This car was made just for one person, which allows the driver to have fun and express his personality. Automobiles are designed for hyper-sophisticated people who just want an item (car) which the most extreme and special in the world. ”

For the exterior, the design Egoista Concept looks weird and not everyone’s tastes. Even when compared with Veneno, this car has a more eccentric designs again. Clear lines dominate a unique concept car body. At the front is divided into three parts, namely the two sections on the right and left side of the car equipped with headlights is small, and the center contained honeycomb patterned grille.

For in and out of the cabin, you have to let go of the steering wheel that has a futuristic design and put it on the dash. Sporty aura of a racing car is felt when sitting in the cockpit of the car. With the dominance of the color orange, this car is also equipped with a head-up display like a jet plane.

To move mobi, Egoista rely kitchen runway capacity of 5200 cc V10 capable of spraying power of 600 hp.