Is this Toyota Corolla versions ‘Kuntet’?

oyota rumored to be preparing Corolla hatchback version to attract more consumers. His form is not different from the sedan version, only shorter rear only.

corollaThere has been no official statement from Toyota related reports, however, the site famous for the engineering design of the car, Theopilus Chin was first launched hatchback version of the Corolla image.

The presence Corolla coupe version could be an alternative for consumers who are bored with the saloon car in a car especially ASEAN such as Indonesia.

In some countries, the transition models to model sedan or hatchback coupe is taking place with a variety of reasons customers. One of these functionalities car itself.

Unclear how the dimensions and specifications of Toyota Corolla versions kuntet‘ is, but if you see the good Toyota Corolla sedan, it is not possible not much different from the latest generation of the Toyota Corolla is ready circulated in America, Europe and of course ASEAN automobile market.