Isuzu Proposes New Model for the Indonesian Market

118171_spg-atau-sales-promotion-girl-mobil-truk_663_382PT Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia continues to improve after-sales service for the first position of commercial vehicle sales in the country.

After launching three products in the first half of this year, including the latest, 34P FVZ Isuzu Giga Tractor Head, in the second half, they are also preparing new ammunition nine. This effort to provide competition in the commercial vehicle classes.

Four of them will be launched in IIMS (Indonesia International Motor Show) 2013. Yet can you know the details, but the point F series and N series, and the possibility of the DMax will be launched also in there, said Eko Watch Boedianto, Department Head Product Marketing Isuzu Astra Motor.

For the DMax, Tonton resume, double cabins vehicles will undergo a change from all sides. That’s why we call all-new DMax, the price will definitely go up, he added.

Meanwhile, for the other five units of the latest products, Isuzu Indonesia is still keeping at the time and place of release.

Regarding sales, in the first quarter from January to April, Isuzu has sold a 10,737 units of its product in the market. Details, Elf (6,349 units), pickup (1,537 units), Panther (1,483 units), Giga (1,179 units), Bison (115 units), and the DMax (74 units)

Adu Mechanical Ability

To improve after-sales service, they also hold Isuzu Technical Skills Competition.

In an annual competition that the 15th, has passed the national stage selection, with five categories for, the technician team 5, 1 coach, 2 mechanics, service advisors 5, and 5 people partman, 5 teams quality control circle and 5 the suggestion system.

Participants who won this stage will be sent to Japan to participate in international competition, which is 1-1 GP World Competition on 27 November 2013. They will compete with the world of mechanical Isuzu 30 countries.