It Makes No Rider Clothing swelter

airOne of the main enemy of the rider or cyclists is that makes the body heat of the sun hot. However, hot can now be overcome by using clothes that already have a small air conditioner. This outfit is actually issued by the Vortex is clothing for cyclists.

Integrated airflow system that has applied this dress will come in handy as the air conditioning when the rider is on the road.

Vortex believe this is a practical way to make each riders no longer feel the swelter.

At this outfit, there are two channels that will air the air flow to the rider’s body for Decreases air stifling when driving in the daytime. The entry of air holes in the shoulders all the way down to the exit at the bottomback of the dress.

However, that should be the question, what if the motorist driving by using a backpack. It will certainly reduce the intake of air into clothing. But, apart from that, this outfit is released at a price of U.S. $ 50.