Kill Wife, Men’s Accidentally Disable Airbag

aribagPretty terrible incident occurred in the UK. A former pilot deliberately disable the airbag in his vehicle to kill his wife.

Former airline pilot in the UK demanded life imprisonment or a minimum of 24 years for killing his wife proved to be a way to disable the airbag, remove the seat belt and the car crashed into a tree.

This incident reminds that not only knives or machetes that can be a tool to eliminate nyama, the car can also be a tool to eliminate someone’s life.

Iain Lawrence (53) allegedly killed his wife Sally (47). Lawrence of killing his wife with a brutal and premeditated.

Lawrence deliberately disable airbag Peugeot 406 before she got into the car. Lawrence rammed the car into the trees in the speed of 50 mph or 90 km / h. And before the accident, Lawrence pressing the seat belt used Sally that seat belt regardless.

When the incident occurred in October 2012, Lawrence pretend unconscious when firefighters arrived.