Launches New Chevrolet Captiva SS 2011

81_p1_s_7Either do that? However, the event is unique and goes according to schedule, aka scene. Group of the media previously collected in Cilandak Town Square, South Jakarta for registration and take vests and hats bearing the CSI. Until the location of the reception CSI investigation conducted by security around the usual location as with foreign terms secure the perimeter.

After listening to the explanation of Haryanto, Product Planning & Bussiness GM, the event continued with the test drive of the unit Captiva SS, this session is intended for the latest feel comfortable Arkamys Audio technology, which is claimed to be superior about the clarity of the sound coming out through the speakers in the cabin.

After lunch break, the media are invited to see the content behind the hood of the SUV 7 passengers. Looks new 2.4 L Ecotec engine, gasoline, DOHC with DCVCP (Double Continously Variable Cam Phaser) proved terrible performance with fuel consumption more efficient. Machine coded (LE-9) could issue a maximum power of 171 PS and maximum torque of 225 Nm.

In architecture, an expert in the Ecotec engine produce lower emissions, can consume 20 percent ethanol and has high flexibility to meet the needs and desires of motorists around the world. His character is smooth, powerful and very low vibration. Overall appearance still looks the same as the previous Captiva.