Lotus Makes Motor Inn

140808_lotusinLotus preach is developing a super bike. Is for the enthusiast bike iron horse crazy speed. Lotus dubbed C01 hyper bike most impressive.

Lotus C01 is claimed to combine lifestyle, high-tech design and matchless. The intention was to smooth them out, Lotus took Kodewa Motorcycles, car designer Daniel Simon and Group Holzer. The motor is claimed to be the motor that brings Formula 1 racing technology.

Lotus C01 is produced using lightweight materials such as carbon body, titanium and mild steel frame strongest. Team Lotus press on the quality of the best material to make this super bike.

The news broadcast if the motor will use a machine that is able to catapult power over 200 hp.

As explained Simon, Lotus has an ambition to develop the motor is the motor that creates a unique and tasteful brutal high art but still can be worn everyday.

Later the super bike uses shades of black and gold as the hallmark of Lotus. Lotus reveals details of his new promise in the next few weeks. Just wait.