Making way SIM A / C (Car / Motorcycle)

downloadSIM is evidence of registration and identification provided by the police to an individual who has met the requirements of the administrative, physical and spiritual health, understand traffic rules and skilled driving a motor vehicle.

Making requirements SIM A / C (Car / Motorcycle)

Applicant SIM A / C should be accompanied by:

Proof of payment of Insurance
Medical Certificate
Form obtained from the bank counter
For SIM Applicant A common umum/B2 umum/B1 add attachments psychological test results and previous Original SIM
To attach files Applicant Mutations SIM SIM from outside the area
To add an attachment Missing SIM Applicant Letters plea from police
New driver’s license applicant is required to take the test the theory and practice

Applicant’s driver’s license for foreigners:

Limited to SIM A / C
Having a Temporary Residency Permit (KIMS) Certificate Self Report (STMD)
Passport / Visa
Certificate of Citizenship (SKK)
Foreigners who have settled in Indonesia, Embassy staff and families in Indonesia expiry sim 5 years
For a foreign national to work as Expert sim validity 1 year
For special Tourists valid sim C and a maximum of 1 month