Markets Dodge Journey in Europe under the name Fiat Freemont

473_p1_s_1This happens because, Fiat also owns 20 percent of Chrysler, so it can create the same car with a different name for the European region. The plan, the premiere can be seen Fiat Freemont at the Geneva Motor Show, which takes place in March, 2012. While the entry of new market in June. Later, Freemont built along with Journey at Chrysler plant in Toluca, Mexico.

Despite his physical panampilan similar, but this crossover has the distinction which lies beneath the hood. If Freemont equipped with new engines from Fiat’s 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine, which produces 170 bhp, while the Journey is still relying on the old engine which produces 140 bhp.

If the manufacturer managed to sell 8400 units of the Dodge Journey in Europe last year, Fiat hopes Freemont well received by the market. With access to dealer-owned network, the manufacturer believes Freemont with new diesel engines can raise the prestige crossover at once can be a line-up as a replacement for the Fiat Ulysee MPV.