Mazda View His First Chair Design

3187_p1_s_1Mazda car manufacturers such as long as it’s focused on designing and developing the car. But have you ever imagined if the original Japanese automaker is making something other than a car, like a chair?

This happens at the Milan Design Week 2013. In the event featuring a variety of innovative product design, Mazda showed off designs created by their own seats. According to Mazda, the seat design exploration is a result of their latest design language, Kodo Design.

Kodo named chair Chair design comes with front legs are flat and look ‘aerodynamic’ like a car. As for the rear legs Mazda designers provide a more upright design. While his own seat made ​​so that comfortable to sit and have a design that looks sporty.

Overall the Mazda-made chair looks modern. But this is not a suitable chair for your desk, it is appropriate to use when you want to relax in the lounge room.

Although nothing to do with automotive, especially cars, but Ikuo Maeda as Mazda’s Global Head of Design said, “We believe the approach we take with making Kodo Chair is able to influence the design of our cars in the future.”