Men Like to Clean the Outside Car, Woman Inside

carwashWomen and men turned out to have a different focus related to the cleanliness of their cars. Men were more attention to them than the car’s exterior cleanliness interior. While the woman opposite.

26 percent of men in the UK car owners wash their cars every two weeks. But to clean the interior, men rarely do. majority or 67 percent said they were cleaning the interior of the vacuum only two times a year. 17 per cent even confessed to never clean the inside of their vehicle at all.

Instead, she tried to keep them fresh interior. 57 percent of women in a survey of car owners who do clean the interior of their car at least 4 times a year.

However, women tend to be indifferent to the exterior of their car. Only 16 percent of women who claimed to frequently wash their cars while 11 percent completely ignore the exterior.

On the other hand, nearly two-thirds of men prefer to clean their cars at home compared with 43 percent of women.